[Flash Sale] Boeleo W1 AI Touch Control Voice Translator For $99.99

Boeleo W1 AI

Do you travel from place to place and feel challenging to communicate with people, due to language? Well, no worries, Boeleo W1 AI Touch Voice Translator will do the job for you. Communication has now become much more comfortable with this device. The Boeleo W1 translator helps you to communicate between different languages. The real-time online translator to translate any language, no matter which language it is.
Moreover, there is no need to have your phone or an internet connection at all. Secondly, you will be even able to learn foreign languages. Let’s see what other features we have in it.

Design :

The Boeleo W1 AI Touch Control Voice Translator design resembles a smartphone, but a bit shorter and thicker than it. The complete body is designed with aerospace grade aluminum with CNC cutting. It has a size of 5.08 * 2.28 * 0.5 inches and weighs about 120g.

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Boeleo W1 AI

Boeleo W1 AI Translator has a 2.8 inch HD touchscreen. It consists of 500 CNC playback mouth and trumpet holes, on the front end. Also, a 13 MP camera on the back. For voice translation, the microphones are placed on the top and bottom of the translator. In addition, the translator is also equipped with aluminum metal texture.

Above all, the bottom segment consists of a speaker and a type C headphone. The speaker supports 3D stereo surround sound and also helps to broadcasts clearly. The right side of the translator control the volume options, with a SIM card slot just below the volume button.

Boeleo W1 AI

The Boeleo W1 AI also consists of three buttons on the left side. First one is for on/off option, remaining two buttons are for the recording process. You hold the button to record your voice, and the device automatically translates the recording.

Main Features :

  • Multi-network connection, supporting GSM / CDMA / TDD / WCDMA.
  • WLAN : 2.4 GHz + 5 GHz and Bluetooth : V4..0, Gps
  • Network transmission speed up to 150 Mbps/ 50 Mbps.
Boeleo W1 AI

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Camera And Battery Specifications :

The 13 MP camera is not only useful to takes but also translates the photos of road signs, menus, and parking instructions immediately. Even if you are busy, you can just click the picture, and this device will translate the content within no seconds. The Boeleo W1 AI has a 2080 mAh battery, that holds the device up to 150 standby.

Where to buy Boeleo W1 AI Touch Control Voice Translator :

The Boeleo W1 AI is now available at Gearbest for just $99.99.

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