Ihealth AG -607 Blood Glucose Tester Set from Xiaomi now for just $46.99


Ihealth AG -607 Blood Glucose Tester is a perfect blood-sugar checker machine runs on a set of 2 AA removable batteries. It will give you accurate blood glucose results with a measuring range of 1.1 to 33.3 mmol/l. Further, the overall functioning process is just about 15 seconds and you will get your output on the large digital LCD backlight screen.
The whole package includes a glucose tester machine, a test paper, blood collection needles (100) and a blood collection pen. The machine is well-featured as smart health level alarm, Anti-interference biological enzyme, a large memory to store up to 500 results, convenient blood collecting operation, quick and automatic power on/off etc.
Overall, the AG -607 Blood Glucose Tester is great medical equipment for diabetic patients who need to check their blood-sugar level on a regular basis.

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Features and Specifications:

Pain-free Blood Sample

The blood collection pen of the AG -607 Blood Glucose Tester has a unique needle rebound design which sucks the blood drop of 0.7 microliter as a sample. The needle goes in the skin very softly and pain-free and produces a sufficient amount of blood as required.

Huge Memory

Further, the machine has a massive result storage capacity and it can store up to 500 results for future purpose. It will store the results automatically and you can review the historical records by pressing the ‘M’ key in a shutdown mode. Consequently, it will help you to track the blood-sugar changes to take the treatment on the right path.


Hassle-free Night Use

The AG -607 Blood Glucose Tester is easy to use in the dark night. When you insert the paper in the socket, it will automatically light up. Hence, you will be eligible to see the blood collection area very clearly. Just get your finger near the strip and drop your blood on it.

Large Digital Display

The blood glucose checker is equipped with a large LCD digital display to show the results in the screen. The light is quite bright to be visible in the sunshine.


Single Button Needle Exit

It is quite simple to get the blood sample with its automatic needle jump system. You have to just place the blood collection pen on your fingertip and then press the button. A spring inside the pen will push the needle out and it will produce the blood drop smoothly.


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Click here to buy the new ihealth AG-607 blood glucose tester for just $46.99

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