INMOTION V5F Battery Electric Unicycle offered for $399.99


The INMOTION V5F 4.0Ah is a Battery oriented Electric Balance Unicycle. It provides an environment-friendly and green way to commute in the city atmosphere. It comes with powerful 550W motor, standard 3200W battery, with the 40x Samsung 22P cell battery pack. The INMOTION
V5F unicycle features full functional APP, which would ensure good riding experience and explicit fun.

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Features of INMOTION V5F

  • The state of the art Wheel.
  • 550W  powerful motor
  • Control-board power rating
  • Improved durable tire
  •  460Wh battery pack  that provides 50% more capacity than the previous mode.

Device Ergonomics: The INMOTION V5F comes with an amazing pedal, at 4cm high, flat, very grippy & with the largest surface area than any other unicycle. The design of the unicycle is very slim, because of the battery pack position at the top of the wheel. It is very comfortable to ride due to its side padding. The high pedals provide hight to the device, which helps in ground clearance and for a sharp turn.


Foldable Handle: The integrated foldable handles provide the best solution for the handling and storage of the device. They tuck right into the device shell.

Buttons, Controls and Light: The Light, buttons and control of the device can be easily achieved by either using the App or by manually pressing the power button on the device. The unicycle also comes with a powerful beam that will give you between 5-10 meters visibility. Tail light of the unicycle is always on. The App of the device is excellently made and provided access to many features of the device.

The INMOTION V5F can efficiently run on the speed of 18km/hr, but you can expand it upto the max speed of 26km/hr. Its dual atmosphere lamp, blue front, and red rear result into glamorous bike while ensuring safer riding


Where To Buy The INMOTION V5F Unicycle?

The INMOTION V5F 4.0Ah Battery Electric Balance Unicycle is currently available on Gearbest for $399.99 USING Coupon code: JCQIFD0ZHO.

Buy Now: INMOTION V5F Unicycle

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