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Lenovo Watch X

Hello, friends. Today we are going to talk about Lenovo Watch X smartwatch. The latest smartwatch stands out on the market with a good design and a rather unique display technology. However, everything is in order. We’ll start with the characteristics:

 Lenovo Watch X

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Features Lenovo Watch X 

Case material: stainless steel 
Glass: sapphire crystal, hardness 9H 
Strap: braided, Milan loop (there is a version with a leather strap) 
Clock diameter: 42.5 mm 
Height: 12.2 mm 
Bracelet width: 18 mm 
Bracelet length: 220 mm 
Weight: 81 grams 
Digital screen: OLED 
Sensors: pulse sensor, gravity sensor, geomagnetic sensor, gyroscope, barometer. 
Battery and autonomy: battery with a capacity of 600 mAh It is stated up to 45 days of work from a single charge. 
Protection against water: water resistant to 80 meters.


 Lenovo Watch X
The Lenovo Watch X comes to the buyer in a stylish black box. The package includes everything the instruction, the recharge cord and the watch itself. You will also get a  instructions manual in Chinese. The instruction manual clearly tells you to download the application from the Play-store market or Apple Store. However, its better not to do this, but go to and download the application with localization, so that instead of incomprehensible hieroglyphs, you can see English or other languages in the clock. According to the manufacturer, the smartwatch provides 45 days of work. In fact, they work for about a month, and then they need to be recharged by using a special USB cable with magnets.

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The Lenovo Watch X smartwatch comes with a really good appearance. The smartwatch case is made of metal, and on the front side, you will get a transparent sapphire crystal, under which you can see divisions and numbers. The screen only becomes alive when you click on the button, which is located on the side. The watch strap is also made of premium metal. The device also comes with a fine weave and is called the Milan Loop. It helps in keeping on hand due to the magnet, threaded through a loop. On the back side of the watch, it has a pad for recharging and the pulse sensor.

 Lenovo Watch X

The smartwatch also provides you with the ability to adjust the diameter for any hand, which is really convenient. Build hours at a good level. Appearance is also excellent, attracts attention. Overall the design is pretty nice. 

Lenovo Watch X Features:

If you download the application from the Android playstore its quite possible you will have a clock in Chinese. Also, it will not show you the local weather. More precisely, if they show, it will be the weather on Mars or the Moon. But not local. However you can cope up with this problem by installing the app from, then the clock is entirely possible to use: 
 Lenovo Watch X

You can control the whole Lenovo Watch X using a single button. Press once to switch functions. If you want to use some feature stop at the desired function and wait two seconds, the function will start automatically.  It turns out such sluggish management. However, at the same time, you can also use the application on a smartphone. the time setting process looks very interesting. You can set the time, press to synchronize, and see how the minute hand starts spinning quickly until it gets up to the required time. 


The Lenovo Watch X comes packed with interesting hours and features, but the price tag on them is high. The application really helps you to utilize all the functions of watch normally. The latest smartwatch comes with a different design, more sporty looks, and here is a classic that many people like more. 

Where to buy Lenovo Watch X?

Product is shipped from the Chinese warehouse of GearBest, remember to select priority direct mail in order to have international tax free shipping. You can also check local warehouses offers, available directly on the product page!

Buy Lenovo Watch X from Banggood

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