Samebike 20ZANCHE electric bike now for $559.99

Samebike 20ZANCHE

Do you want some new toys to your kid? or want for yourself to travel shot distance place? Well, you can use it for both. The new Samebike 20ZANCHE smart folding electric bike is quite comfortable for every age of people. It gives a comfortable and no-worry rides because of its powerful motor, adjustable heights and adds on features front life light, and dual brakes.

Gearbest samebike 20ZANCHE

Design :

Samebike 20ZANCHE has a premium aluminum alloy, which is the same used in aircraft. In order to carry it easily, the electric bike has a folding design. The seat can be adjustable for different heights of people. Different type of modes is in-built, such as pedal mode, moped mode, and pure electric mode. Because to ensure the night safety, the bike has an LED light at the front.

Powerful motor :

Samebike 20ZANCHE is equipped with a 250-watt motor which makes it speed up to 25 km/h. It can carry a maximum load of 120kg.

Disc-brake system :

To maintain the security for the rider, the samebike 20ZANCHE has been installed with disc brakes. The both front and rear disc brakes which help the rider to stop quickly then and there.

Battery :

The new samebike 20ZANCHE electric scooter comes with a 10.0Ah Li-ion battery which requires only 4 hours of time for a complete charge. It requires an input voltage of 110 – 240V of energy to charge. It’s quite useful if you need to go to market or mall, due to its good mileage.

Additional features :

The Samebike 20ZANCHE has a wheel size of 20-inch inflatable tire, which has an anti-slip texture, wear resistant and durable to use on the different ground. The electric bike also has a shock absorber, in order to maintain the contact of tires with the ground. It also has an adjustable handle riser. Because the rim made up of aluminum alloy, it is safe and secure. It consists of a mud board of which is made up of PVC plastic. It is also installed with an LCD meter Sat center with a USB adjustable device.

Where to get it :

This super samebike 20ZANCHE smart electric folding bike is now available at gearbest for just $559.99. There is an offer on this product on gearbest. It’s better for us to take advantage of this offer.

Gearbest samebike 20ZANCHE

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