Grab Xiaomi Mi Populele 2 USB Smart Ukulele for $119.99.

Xiaomi Mi Populele 2

A year ago the Chinese company, Xiaomi, launched a musical instrument called Popuele. The Populele is like a small guitar with multiple features in it. Just a few days ago, the brand presented the Popuele 2, a new version of Popuele. The device is an entirely new version with a different physical format. Moreover, the guitar connects to the smartphone via Bluetooth and shows you how to play. It works precisely with the same principle as if we playing the guitar. Let’s check what else this device can provide us.

Smart Features Of Xiaomi Mi Populele Version 2:

Xiaomi Mi Populele 2

The Xiaomi Mi Populele 2 comes with ABS plastic, high-performance circuits, and it provides the user with a premium quality experience. In addition, it also includes LED lights to indicate the way to use the instrument. Moreover, the guitar is equipped with strings from the famous Spanish brand Aquila. It helps to have a soft sound and velvety, providing deep bass. This is especially suitable for beginners, as they rub their fingers less.

Moreover, the device only weighs about 800 grams. It also includes an interactive series of games that will allow you to learn to play the instrument. Above all, this application helps to increase the level of difficulty to become a true expert. It not only allows you to choose different tracks but also records your creations.

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Xiaomi Mi Populele 2

Like earlier said, Xiaomi Mi Populele is so lightweight that you can carry it anywhere with ease. It also includes voice recognition technology and an extensive database of chords and songs. The device also has wireless connectivity via Bluetooth 4.0.

Either by appearance or by its functions, the Populele 2 manages to attract the attention of people. The guitar has a built-in AAA(LR 3) battery with a 1.5V volts, which lasts for 10 hours of operation. In order to check the charge press and hold the switch for 3 seconds.

Where can i purchase Xiaomi Populele 2 Smart Ukulele ?

You can now grab the Xiaomi Populele 2 LED Bluetooth USB Smart Ukulele is from Gearbest for $119.99.

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