Xiaomi Mijiu 1080P Smart Camera offered for $53.62.

Xiaomi Mijiu 1080P Smart Camera

Do you want to make your home smart? Well, Xiaomi has a number of smart home products for you. When we talk about smart appliances, this brand always tries to meet our needs. The brand offers a lot of security products like camera, smart door locks and intelligent door-bells. Recently Xiaomi launches its new Xiaomi Mijia 1080P Smart Camera into the market. You can get this device from Gearbest for just $53.62.

The Xiaomi Mijia 1080P Smart IP camera takes up a bracket design, slightly tilted forward and backwards. The design ensures the safety of the device from dumping.

Xiaomi Mijiu 1080P Smart Camera

Xiaomi Mijia 1080P Smart IP Camera supports full HD resolution with a 130 degree super wide-angle lens. It also comes up with a Backside Illuminated Sensor(BSI) which ensures that the camera can adapt to changing in light condition and produce good quality images and video. The vision is more comprehensive, effectively reducing the blind spot. At the same time, it also has 940mm infrared full light which supports a night- time camera feature and gives a bright, perfect field of view.

Above all, it also supports AI humanoid detection. It is highly active within 32-square grid area and gives you a clear, effective, swing-less, and accurate image.

Xiaomi Mijiu 1080P Smart Camera

Duplex voice call technology is used in Xiaomi Mijiu 1080P, in-order to have voice call experience. The technology is just like an instant call communication.

Also, the Xiaomi Mijiu 1080P Smart Camera has an automatic backup system. It has a cloud storage function, which provides you room for infinite no of pictures and videos.

In addition to that, the camera also comes with dual-band Wi-Fi to provide a stable signal for wireless connections. When congested with the 2.4GHz network, choosing 5GHz will improve data transmission speed. Note that the 5GHz network requires routers that support 5G WiFi. The camera also supports multi video on one screen. And set-ups to sleep mode automatically when not in use.

Xiaomi Mijiu 1080P Smart Camera

Where you can get Xiaomi Mijiu 1080P Smart Camera :

You can get the Xiaomi Mijiu 1080P Smart Camera at Gearbest for just
$53.62. Also let us know in the comment section about discount on any product you are looking for, we will update it for you as soon any discount will be available on the product.X

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