Take Home Xiaomi Ninebot One Z-10 For $1899.00

Xiaomi Ninebot One Z-10

The Xiaomi Ninebot One Z-10 has some coolest and amazing qualities. This is the wildest looking electric unicycle available in the market. However, we have seen a lot of electric scooter, but this is truly a state of art wheelie. It is equipped with a 1800 w powered motor and with maximum speed of 45-km/hr. The Xiaomi Ninebot One Z-10 Electric balance Scooter can handle slopes and loads up to 25 degrees, 150 kg respectively.

Design And Appearance :

The Xiaomi Ninebot One Z-10 has an impressive design, the strict lines of the body resembles like a “bat-model”. The scooter has a red lighting for warning at night. Its complete body is laced with a dynamic and expensive texture. In addition, the wheel is of 18 inches with a width of 103 mm. Moreover, to make the ride comfortable, the pedal is molded from an alloy with high pressure casting to better fit the foot shape.

The Xiaomi Ninebot One Z-10 Electric Scooter is also integrated with LED display. The user can also check up the battery level through this. However, to maintain stability, the unicycle is provided with broad tries. This will helps the rider to keep balance and manage unicycle. It also comes up with a detachable fender to prevent the tires from splashing dirt.

Hardware And Performance :

The Xiaomi Ninebot One Z-10 Electric Scooter comes with the most powerful motor in the line(1800 W) and LG Li-ion battery of high capacity(1000 Wh). It can run for a 90 km mileage after 9 hours of charge. The unicycle has a built-in security system BMS, which helps your device to remain stable while riding.

The Xiaomi Ninebot One Z-10 gives you a smooth ride in rainy and snow conditions, due to its built-in moisture protection IP-56. The device is also equipped with multi-stage protection against overheating, short circuits and voltage drops, etc. This is the first unicycle to step into the market with a tubeless wheel. The wheel also has a modern wear resistant material and anti-slip effect.

Where you can get Xiaomi Ninebot One Z10 Unicycle?

The Xiaomi Ninebot One Z10 Electric Balance Scooter is currently offered at Gearbest for $1899.99. There is flash sale running on Gearbest, better we take advantage of that.

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